We supply extrudable alloys to the individual needs of our customers.

Supply and quality systems go hand-in-hand at Aerostar, this includes all foundry processes from raw material inspection and preparation, through casting, fabrication, stamping, and machining to functional testing.

We work closely with our customers to optimize development of current and new alloy requirements. Aerostar provides solutions with significant value addition. This approach is supported by high-quality alloys produced at our in-house foundry. As well as having many years of experience, engineering, and new product development. We can produce medium and hard alloys for various industries and applications.

  • 2 Series : 2011, 2017A, 2014, 24534, 24345,
  • 6 Series : 6262, 6026, 6042

In addition, Aerostar has further developed the following lead free alloys complying to RoHS, which is also suitable for automated machining.

  • 2111 LF, 2033 LF
  • 6026 LF

Aerostar produces the following soft and medium alloys.

  • 1 Series : 2011, 2017A, 2014, 24534, 24345
  • 5 Series : 5083, 5754