An OEM Power Management company had an important contract for a client to produce a coupling body. This contract came with a tight timeline, however – they only had 6 weeks from purchase order to production. Due to Aerostar’s reputation for fast turnaround and quality products, the company decided to go with us to machine the part.

We designed and set up a machining cell for the product, and arranged the casting process with our partners. We were able to quickly get the parts cast, machined and shipped to the customer. The customer required 60,000 units annually, and that capacity was well within our ability. Because we were able to bring this project online quickly, it relieved pressure on the customer to perform above their planned capacity. This allowed the customer to do validation trials on additional tooling.

Project Overview

Initial Design and Specification

Material Selection

Mold Creation

Melting & Pouring

Cooling & Solidification

Mold Removal

Finishing & Machining

Inspection & Quality Control

Surface Treatment

Packaging & Delivery

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software

Welding Equipment

Sand Casting Equipment


Inspection & Measurement Tools

Cutting Tools

Finishing Tools

Lathe Machine

Milling Machine

Grinding Machine