Recently Bloomberg/Businessweek weekly, mentioned that Young Liu, chairman of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, declared that China’s days as the world’s manufacturing hub are over. The declaration comes with some heavy industry backing as Foxconn will be splitting its supply chain between the Chinese market and the US.

Enter Aerostar, a CNC precision manufacturing company based in Romulus, MI and Fort Wayne, Indiana is expanding its footprint in India. Its offices in Pune and Bengaluru, India are helping many American OEMs and Fortune 500 companies source manufactured components out of India, i.e.: machined castings, forgings, plastic injection molding parts, gears, assemblies, etc. It’s both: cost savings and risk mitigation for the customers. All the manufacturing facilities are IATF 16949.

Aerostar continues to help North American manufacturers save over 30% by sourcing engineering components in India through its partner supply base. Just in the past 3 months, Aerostar has received dozens of engineering component packages from new customers to be sourced in India and the US. The expanded activity in India doesn’t replace Aerostar’s US manufacturing however, but rather allows for dual sourcing options for its US customers.

The face of manufacturing is changing across the world, new supply chains are being created to mitigate risk and save costs. Companies like Aerostar offer excellent, competitive pricing, tight timelines and truly impressive quality.