Aerostar increases its Bench Strength to Help US companies Source from India

Expanding their newest facility, Aerostar hires new processing engineer, Gopinath Chakkaravarthy, for CNC Manufacturing at its Bengaluru office in India. The position focuses on programming, an integral part of the manufacturing process that supports supply chain services for Aerostar’s US customers.

Gopinath Chakkaravarthy brings 16 years of CNC Programming experience including work for big name global industries along with strong team building skills to bring the best out of coworkers. Ready for a challenge, Chakkaravarthy is taking the lead as Aerostar’s Manufacturing Process Engineer through MasterCAM.

Aerostar is eager to welcome a programmer with such strong skills and experience to the team. Chakkaravarthy’s responsibilities include 3, 4, & 5 axis CNC mill programming for all machines located in the US and at suppliers worldwide, as well as specialty tool design, lathe programming for all machines. CNC cycle time estimation, fixture design and tool design. All programming will support Aerostar Manufacturing’s efforts in sourcing castings, forgings, precision machining and complex assemblies for exports to its US customer base.

With an eye on expanding its sourcing and supply chain, Aerostar will continue to grow its team in India to help US customers outsource machined parts and assemblies from India.