Aerostar Presented “2020 Cummins COVID-19 Outstanding Supplier” Award for Excellent, Uninterrupted Service

With over 40 years in the manufacturing industry, Aerostar Mfg has faced many trials, but 2020’s pandemic outbreak has brought the most traumatic supply chain challenges faced in recent history. This year Aerostar stepped up to that challenge, protecting both employees and clients with outstanding, uninterrupted service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s why Aerostar is being recognized with a 2020 Cummins COVID-19 Outstanding Supplier award. Established this year, Cummins was inspired to recognize companies that have taken on the heavy burden of continuing safe service throughout the crisis. The recognition is offered only to those suppliers who have gone above-and-beyond to support Cummins during COVID-19, like Aerostar Mfg.

Cummins recognized that dedication from Aerostar has allowed them to provide essential products and services to customers throughout the crisis. Aerostar’s support of Cummins, notably including their dedicated management team staying in close communications with Cummins and their commitment to employee safety have allowed production to continue uninterrupted throughout the outbreak.

Despite worldwide challenges, Aerostar is continuing to grow this year and focus on client satisfaction as well as continued, quality-focused and safe manufacturing practices.