Aerostar Provides Precision Manufacturing During Crisis

Despite a global government response to curb the spread of COVID-19, businesses around the world are facing supply chain shortages. Ongoing shipment delays will continue to affect production in major international manufacturing sectors like China.

To ensure local supply chain security, Aerostar Manufacturing, a trusted producer of pinpoint accurate machined parts, is making employee safety the top priority. To ensure the health of staff and the security of their manufacturing line, they are taking every precaution to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak. Aerostar is providing daily health screenings, masks, gloves and protective screens between workstations, plus sanitation supplies and constant attention to proper spacing.

These safety measures help ensure that every order is finished to completion when it’s needed. This year they’ve taken a step further to guarantee every job’s success; Aerostar Manufacturing has expanded CNC Machining to India. Aerostar now provides dual sourcing options to its customers by manufacturing, simultaneously, in its facilities in the U.S. as well as their partner facilities in India.

Dual Sourcing provides tremendous cost savings while lowering international supply chain risks. Aerostar strives to complete every job on time and with the highest standard of quality.

“Our team at Aerostar Manufacturing is ready to fulfill your next parts order to your exact specifications, it’s our quality guarantee. Don’t hesitate to send us your requirements,” said Robert Johnson, VP of Operations.

Let Aerostar’s trustworthy manufacturing help save your business in this ongoing crisis.