Intent on expanding global sourcing for its US customers, Aerostar Global has hired Sushrut Deshmukh to join its skilled team as International Sourcing Leader at India office in Pune. Sushrut likes traveling, experiencing different foods and cultures, and creating strong networks with people he meets along the way.

Equipped with 20 years industry experience Sushrut Deshmukh lends essential skills to the Aerostar global team. His most critical role is in development and implementation of effective sourcing strategies. These strategies are a combination of managing risk mitigation, capacity ramp up, process improvements, all while enhancing quality control.

Sushrut loves people and believes in creating strong personal bonds. “Work never seems like work,” said Sushrut, as he spearheads large sourcing projects in India for Aerostar’s US customers.

Aerostar Global is thrilled to welcome an International Sourcing Leader with strong skills and experience to its team. Sushrut will be working toward strategic growth plans for Aerostar Global Sourcing and to develop a world-class supply base for sourcing of castings, forgings, precision machining and complex assemblies for exports to its US customer base.

With an eye on expanding its sourcing and supply chain, Aerostar will continue to grow its Global team to help US customers outsource machined parts and assemblies.