Aerostar Manufacturing Seeking Ongoing Foundry Partnerships

Aerostar Manufacturing, a leading producer of CNC Machined parts in Michigan and Indiana, is actively seeking new foundry partnerships. They hold a track record of excellence in precision parts manufacturing, tremendous pricing and an ongoing interest in casting purchases from partner foundries.

Always striving for excellence, Aerostar performs production CNC turning, forming, and milling to exact customer specifications. With a wide range of 2, 3, and 5-axis milling machines, they perform both horizontal and vertical milling of metal and plastic. They provide precision turning services at tight tolerances of about ±0.0005″. Cylindrical parts up to 22″ in diameter and 80″ in length can be precision turned.

This year Aerostar expanded its operations in India, allowing for dual sourcing of production jobs that offers tremendous cost savings for customers. Presently, Aerostar is fielding a lot of enquiries from its present and future customers to bring manufacturing back to the United States from China to abate supply chain risk associated with China. “We are providing options to our customers to satisfy 100% of their manufacturing needs right here in our plants in the US or to split the volumes between our US as well as our India facilities.” explained Ken Krasnodemski, head of Technical Sales.

A sizable portion of Aerostar’s business includes machining from castings. Aerostar is always looking for responsive and reliable foundries with high standards of quality to purchase castings from. They can help foundries complete manufacturing orders with incredibly competitive pricing. This quality guarantee means that any concerns about an order are met with a rapid response and positive outcome. Aerostar takes business relationships seriously to ensure an ongoing working relationship.