The Strategic Outsourcing Handbook: Unlocking the Power of Quality Manufacturing in India

What are the quality advantages of outsourcing your manufacturing to India?

  1. The Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative offers special incentives to ISO 9001 certified companies in the automotive and heavy trucking sector. These incentives often include tax benefits and reduced tariffs on the import of specialized automotive manufacturing machinery.
  2. India ranks 9th globally in the number of ISO 9001 certifications.
  3. 68% of Indian manufacturing companies in the metal components sector are ISO-certified.
  4. Data suggests that outsourcing to India can result in a 25-30% reduction in operational costs. 
  5. The operational cost reduction is not just a short-term benefit but can be substantial over the long term. Companies can reallocate the savings towards research and development, marketing, and other strategic activities.

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