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Aerostar services the aerospace industry with the ability to provide tight tolerance parts in time.


From low to high production, Aerostar manufactures parts for agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines, hoppers, and more. Its engineered components and assemblies go into powertrain of Case Holland, John Deere and many other tractor manufacturers in North America.


Aerostar is trusted by top automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world. It supplies parts and sub-assemblies for powertrain, bearings, gears, exhaust systems, fuel systems turbo housing etc.

Electric Vehicle

Aerostar is working with many EV manufacturers to manufacture parts in the US as well as source them from its vast manufacturing network in India including aluminum castings, CNC machining, extrusions and fabrication parts.


Whether it’s wind power, solar power, or hydro power, or oil and gas, Aerostar machines and produces crucial components that help power the world around us.

Food & Beverage

Food manufacturing and processing companies rely on Aerostar to provide CNC machining solutions to keep their equipment up and running. Some of companies customers include Stolle, Silgan, Anheuser Busch, Rexam.

LED Lighting

Aerostar’s diverse portfolio includes parts for the LED lighting industry including metal and plastic parts.


Aerostar is happy to provide parts into the boat and shipping industry. Many of the top boat manufacturers in North America source parts from Aerostar including double water jacketed machined parts.


When manufactured parts fail, Aerostar’s CNC machining can keep operations running for metals and mining operations providing low to medium volume parts for mining industry.

Off Highway

We provide a wide array of quality CNC machining, fabrication, plastic parts for the off -highway as well as recreational off road vehicles.

Power Generation

Aerostar supports the power generation industry with precision CNC machining and engineering parts made in its plants in the US or sourced through its vast network of manufacturers in India.


Aerostar is working with the telecommunication industry to supply machined, extruded as well as fabricated parts and assemblies.


Machined components for the HVAC industry are precision-engineered parts essential for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Heavy Truck

Mechanical failures for heavy truck and bus manufacturers can cause unwanted delays. Aerostar machines quality and reliable tools.

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