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In the rapidly evolving landscape of agricultural machinery, Aerostar Manufacturing has firmly established its footprint, bringing both precision and scalability to the production process. Our capabilities range from low to high production volumes, ensuring that we can cater to diverse demands and requirements from our partners in the agricultural sector. This adaptability has made us a preferred choice for a myriad of applications, from tractors that till the land to combines that harvest the yield and hoppers that play an integral role in post-harvest processes.

Our mark of excellence can be observed on farmlands across North America. The very heart of some of the most iconic and dependable agricultural equipment, the powertrain, is where our engineered components and assemblies find their purpose. Renowned tractor manufacturers such as Case Holland and John Deere, along with numerous other industry giants in the region, trust in Aerostar’s commitment to quality, precision, and timely delivery.

The trust they place in us is not just built upon the components we deliver; it’s fostered by our deep understanding of the agricultural landscape, our constant pursuit of innovation, and our dedication to ensuring the robustness and longevity of every piece we produce. At Aerostar Manufacturing, we don’t just manufacture parts; we craft solutions that power the backbone of North America’s agricultural industry.

Agriculture Component Manufacturing Statistics

United States

Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Tractor axles50,000 units$300/unit -> $15,000,000
Harrow disks40,000 units$150/unit -> $6,000,000
Plowshares30,000 units$100/unit -> $3,000,000
Combine harvester blades25,000 units$200/unit -> $5,000,000
Irrigation system components70,000 units$80/unit -> $5,600,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:


Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Cultivator tines100,000 units$50/unit -> $5,000,000
Rotavator blades85,000 units$60/unit -> $5,100,000
Thresher drums60,000 units$200/unit -> $12,000,000
Sprayer nozzles120,000 units$15/unit -> $1,800,000
Seed drill parts90,000 units$40/unit -> $3,600,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:

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