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At Aerostar Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled trust and reputation we’ve built within the global automotive sector. Over the years, elite automotive manufacturers and their primary suppliers have come to rely on our expertise and commitment to quality, choosing Aerostar as their preferred partner for their most demanding projects.

Our vast and versatile production capabilities cater to a broad spectrum of automotive needs. From the core of a vehicle – the powertrain, where efficiency and reliability are of utmost importance, to the intricate design and function of bearings and gears that ensure seamless operations. Our commitment extends to the production of high-quality exhaust systems that meet stringent environmental standards, robust fuel systems that guarantee optimal performance, and state-of-the-art turbo housings that cater to the latest in automotive technology.

The trust placed in us by the world’s top automotive entities isn’t just about our ability to produce parts and sub-assemblies; it’s about the assurance of consistency, durability, and innovation that comes with every Aerostar-made component. Our extensive experience, coupled with continuous R&D efforts, has positioned us at the forefront of automotive manufacturing, making Aerostar Manufacturing not just a supplier, but a trusted partner in driving the future of transportation.

Automotive Component Manufacturing Statistics

United States

Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Engine blocks500,000 units$500/unit -> $250,000,000
Transmission gears600,000 units$200/unit -> $120,000,000
Brake calipers700,000 units$150/unit -> $105,000,000
Suspension arms400,000 units$250/unit -> $100,000,000
Fuel injectors1,000,000 units$50/unit -> $50,000,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:


Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Radiators750,000 units$100/unit -> $75,000,000
Exhaust manifolds600,000 units$75/unit -> $45,000,000
Wheel hubs800,000 units$50/unit -> $40,000,000
Drive shafts500,000 units$200/unit -> $100,000,000
Clutch assemblies650,000 units$150/unit -> $97,500,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:

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