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As the automotive industry experiences a paradigm shift towards electrification, Aerostar Manufacturing is at the forefront of catering to the unique needs of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. We’ve strategically aligned our expertise to not just follow, but anticipate and lead, the trends within the EV sector.

In the US, we have significantly ramped up our production capabilities to manufacture bespoke components tailored to the precise specifications of our EV partners. Our state-of-the-art facilities utilize the latest in manufacturing technology to ensure parts of the highest quality, with a clear focus on efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

Yet, our capabilities are not confined to our home turf. Recognizing the global nature of the EV movement and the value of diversifying our supply chain, we’ve harnessed our vast manufacturing network in India. This nexus offers a rich array of specialized services, from high-precision aluminum castings that ensure lightweight and efficient EV designs, to CNC machining which provides intricate components crafted to perfection. Furthermore, our expertise in extrusions and fabrication parts stands as a testament to our holistic approach in addressing the multifaceted requirements of the EV industry.

By seamlessly integrating our US-based operations with the abundant resources and capabilities of our Indian network, Aerostar Manufacturing is uniquely positioned to offer EV manufacturers a blend of quality, cost-effectiveness, and scale. Our global perspective, combined with local expertise, makes us a go-to partner for those looking to drive the future of electric mobility.

Electric Vehicle Component Manufacturing Statistics

United States

Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Electric motor housings250,000 units$300/unit -> $75,000,000
Battery packs200,000 units$1,000/unit -> $200,000,000
Inverter casings180,000 units$400/unit -> $72,000,000
High-voltage connectors400,000 units$50/unit -> $20,000,000
Charging port assemblies300,000 units$150/unit -> $45,000,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:


Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Motor shafts350,000 units$80/unit -> $28,000,000
DC-DC converters280,000 units$150/unit -> $42,000,000
Thermal management systems220,000 units$200/unit -> $44,000,000
Battery trays180,000 units$100/unit -> $18,000,000
Power distribution units240,000 units$120/unit -> $28,800,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:

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