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In an age where sustainable energy solutions are crucial and where traditional energy sources remain indispensable, Aerostar Manufacturing stands at the intersection of innovation and reliability. Our commitment extends across the entire spectrum of the energy sector, a testament to our versatility and understanding of diverse energy landscapes.

When it comes to renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydro power, our expertise is evident in the minutiae of every turbine blade, solar mounting system, and water turbine component we craft. Our sophisticated manufacturing processes harness the latest technological advancements to ensure that these components are not just functional but optimized for maximum efficiency, longevity, and performance. This ensures that every wind gust, sun ray, or water flow is captured and converted with utmost efficiency.

Similarly, in the realm of oil and gas, an industry where precision can mean the difference between success and calamity, Aerostar’s contribution is indispensable. We meticulously machine and produce components that withstand the extreme conditions of drilling, refining, and transportation. Every part we produce meets stringent industry standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and peak performance.

At Aerostar Manufacturing, we understand the monumental responsibility that rests upon our shoulders. Every component we produce plays a pivotal role in powering our world, and we take immense pride in our contributions. By blending advanced technology with rigorous quality control and a profound understanding of the energy sector, we ensure that our parts stand as silent sentinels, reliably powering the world day in and day out.

Energy Component Manufacturing Statistics

United States

Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Gas turbine blades30,000 units$2,000/unit -> $60,000,000
Solar panel frames200,000 units$150/unit -> $30,000,000
Wind turbine shafts10,000 units$5,000/unit -> $50,000,000
Boiler tubes100,000 units$300/unit -> $30,000,000
Heat exchangers20,000 units$2,500/unit -> $50,000,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:


Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Hydro turbine runners5,000 units$6,000/unit -> $30,000,000
Geothermal piping15,000 units$1,000/unit -> $15,000,000
Electrical transformers25,000 units$2,000/unit -> $50,000,000
Oil rig components8,000 units$4,000/unit -> $32,000,000
Substation structures10,000 units$3,000/unit -> $30,000,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:

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