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At Aerostar Manufacturing, we deeply understand the dynamism and robustness required by the off-highway and recreational off-road vehicle sectors. These vehicles, built to traverse challenging terrains and endure extreme conditions, demand components of the highest caliber. Our commitment to these industries is unwavering, and it’s mirrored in the precision and excellence of every part we produce.

Our extensive suite of services encompasses the full spectrum of vehicle manufacturing needs. With cutting-edge CNC machining, we craft intricate and durable components tailored for the specific demands of off-road conditions. Whether it’s a gearbox component designed to withstand rugged landscapes or a precision-machined part aimed at enhancing vehicular performance, our solutions are at the heart of many trailblazing vehicles.

Beyond metal, our expertise extends to the realm of plastics. Aerostar Manufacturing delivers high-quality plastic parts, each designed with a balance of lightweight construction and durability, ideal for modern recreational off-road vehicles where weight and agility matter.

Our fabrication capabilities further complement our comprehensive offerings. By seamlessly integrating different materials and techniques, we create assemblies and components that bring together strength, flexibility, and innovation. It’s not merely about producing a part; it’s about understanding the spirit of adventure these vehicles represent and ensuring that every journey, every escapade, is backed by Aerostar’s commitment to quality and reliability.

In essence, Aerostar Manufacturing isn’t just a supplier. We are collaborators in adventure, supporting off-highway and recreational off-road enthusiasts by ensuring their vehicles are equipped with parts that rise to every challenge.

Off Highway Component Manufacturing Statistics

United States

Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Hydraulic pistons150,000 units$30/unit -> $4,500,000
Transmission gears200,000 units$40/unit -> $8,000,000
Engine blocks90,000 units$500/unit -> $45,000,000
Suspension arms:175,000 units$80/unit -> $14,000,000
Axle housings110,000 units$250/unit -> $27,500,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:


Components CreatedAverage Annual Component Production Quantity Estimated Annual Revenue (US)
Brake assemblies300,000 units$50/unit -> $15,000,000
Wheel rims500,000 units$25/unit -> $12,500,000
Radiator frames250,000 units$35/unit -> $8,750,000
Engine mounts220,000 units$45/unit -> $9,900,000
Gear shafts180,000 units$55/unit -> $9,900,000

Estimated Annual Revenue:

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