Seeking new ways to save costs and streamline the shipping process, Aerostar Manufacturing’s Technical Sales Manager Ken Krasnodemski, had a brilliant idea. Looking over the books, Krasnodemski noticed the sizable cost of expendable packaging: tens of thousands of dollars spent annually on cardboard packaging from suppliers coming into the plant.

Always eager to find a better process, Krasnodemski found a viable alternative in reusable packaging. He proposed investing in their own collapsible reusable packages for shipping parts and castings to and from their supply base.

“Originally I was focused just on the cost savings aspect of this project,” said Krasnodemski, “but the positive impact it would make on the environment became quickly apparent and assisted in an expedited approval process on the investment.” Today, his reusable dunnage program has been successfully saving Aerostar money (and protecting the environment) for over 6 years.

Many parts shipped in by suppliers are transported in reusable packaging that’s long been paid for. By modest estimates, Aerostar saves more than $60,000 per year in packaging and labor costs combined. They’ve also prevented thousands of pounds of cardboard from being made and ultimately ending up in landfills.

Sometimes small ideas can have a huge overall impact on finances and the environment.