Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Global Sourcing Partner

You’ve spent the time and resources making a fantastic product, and now it’s time to manufacture. But the question is with whom will you manufacture? There are many things you need to know before you can choose.

Will you produce domestically or internationally? Can you trust your supplier (whether domestic or international) with your parts or assembly? Are you comfortable with the capability of the manufacturing plant? Does your supplier have the right kind of systems, certifications, and experienced personnel in place? Does the manufacturer handle the whole supply chain, and are they willing to warehouse? Do they have contingency plans in place, just in case? If they are international, do they have a presence in the United States to answer any questions in our time zone?

With so many questions on your mind, have you considered having someone else manage your global sourcing? We’re here to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should choose a global sourcing partner.


1. Control
Having a global sourcing partner allows you, the buyer, to take control of production without having to manufacture the part. The partner will go out and find suppliers and bring you back options that fit your standards and budget. A good global sourcing partner knows how to communicate with suppliers to get the results you want. Generally, they should be experienced in global manufacturing, associated supply chains and have tackled most of the related challenges in the past.


2. Get to Know Your Supplier
A good partner will inform you about the manufacturer’s qualifications. They will notify you about the offices, production lines, warehouses, and testing. You may even be invited to a plant tour. The best partners will make you feel informed every step of the way. They are extension of your purchasing, engineering, quality and supply chain departments without costing you separately for each such department.


3. Communication
A good partner will communicate with you. They will get to know the part and ask questions. A good partner will also communicate with the supplier, negotiate prices on your behalf, work out any kinks in the system or problems that might arise. They will track the parts from launch to when the part gets delivered to your dock.


4. Cost savings
Going overseas is generally cheaper, and with the extensive installed manufacturing capacity available in the low cost countries like India and other Asian countries, it is easier to pick up unused capacity without having to invest in new machinery and other infrastructure. A global sourcing partner will ensure that your product is produced at the best price with the best quality.


5. Supplier Representation
The global sourcing partner doesn’t just represent your company. They represent the supplier as well. You will be assured that your global sourcing partner will find you the highest quality suppliers and hold them to high standards.

Above are just some of the reasons to partner with a global sourcing partner like Aerostar Manufacturing. Ready to take the next step? Submit a quote to Aerostar Manufacturing, your trusted global sourcing partner.

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