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Inspection Services Equipment

At Aerostar Manufacturing, our inspection services equipment facilitates our ability to detect and address any potential inconsistencies or imperfections at the earliest stage, thereby minimizing risk and enhancing performance. We believe that our rigorous inspection protocols, supported by our advanced equipment, not only affirm the integrity of our products but also foster our clients’ trust in the Aerostar Manufacturing brand. By instilling rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process, we uphold our commitment to excellence, underscoring our promise to deliver products that meet the highest standards of precision and performance.



Tooling (Tool Room)

Epilog Laser 20 wattGagemaker
GagingSunnen Hone MBB-1660 / Sunnen PG-800E Precision Bore Gage

Case Studies

Industry News


Height MasterKodak 14″ Optical Comparator with Readouts
Kodak 30″ Optical Comparator with ReadoutsShefield
Togoshiseike Hardness Tester / Rockwell styleZeiss Contura
Zeiss Model 2840 w/Probe changer / 26 Position Probe ChangerCMM – Measuring Envelope – (1000X600X500mm)

Support Equipment

1,000# Bridge Crane w/Zimmerman air balancer hoist10,000# Bar Cradle Truck 96″
10,000# Pillar Mount Jib Crane w/ 5 ton electric hoist2,000# Bridge Crane Motorized Bridge w/electric hoist
2,000# Ruger Reversed Boom hyd. floor crane4,000# Pillar Mount Jib Crane w/ 2 ton electric hoist
4,000# Wall Mount Jib Crane w/2 ton electric hoist6,000# Pillar Mount Jib Crane w/ 3 ton electric hoist
Barrett Pallet Truck TTG-40-TTH Electric 4000#Cad/Cam System w/plotter
Granite Surface PlatesMaterial Handling Equipment
Power Washer / SteamSullair 250 air dryer
Sullair S-Energy 3700 Air compressorYale Fork lift ERC-080 8000#