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Machined Assemblies- Assembly & Testing Equipment

At Aerostar Manufacturing, we understand that our responsibility doesn’t end at manufacturing alone; it extends to assembly and rigorous testing to ensure our clients receive only the highest quality, ready to use products. Our comprehensive suite of assembly and testing equipment is designed to meet this exacting standard. Equipped with cutting edge technology, we meticulously assemble intricate components and put them through rigorous testing procedures to verify their functionality, performance, and longevity. These measures play an integral part in our commitment to delivering the level of reliability and performance that our clients have come to expect from Aerostar Manufacturing. Our assembly and testing procedures underscore our dedication to guaranteeing that every product leaving our facility is emblematic of our promise of quality and reliability.

Assembly Processes

Aluminum ExtrudingThermal Deburring
Press FittingPolishing
WeldingShrink Fitting


Semi Automated Workstations
Equipment with PLC Integration for Data Collection and Error Proofing
Pneumatic Leak Testing Equipment
Cleanliness and Millipore Testing Equipment


Height MasterKodak 14″ Optical Comparator with Readouts
Kodak 30″ Optical Comparator with ReadoutsZeiss Contura
Zeiss Model 2840 w/Probe changer / 26 Position Probe Changer

Dedicated Semi-Automatic Assembly Equipment


Support Equipment

1,000# Bridge Crane w/Zimmerman air balancer hoistCoolant Recovery System10,000# Bar Cradle Truck 96″
10,000# Pillar Mount Jib Crane w/ 5 ton electric hoistMaterial Handling Equipment2,000# Bridge Crane Motorized Bridge w/electric hoist
2,000# Ruger Reversed Boom hyd. floor craneSullair 250 air dryer4,000# Pillar Mount Jib Crane w/ 2 ton electric hoist
4,000# Wall Mount Jib Crane w/2 ton electric hoistYale Fork lift ERC-080 8000#6,000# Pillar Mount Jib Crane w/ 3 ton electric hoist
Barrett Pallet Truck TTG-40-TTH Electric 4000#Sullair S-Energy 3700 Air compressorCad/Cam System w/plotter
Granite Surface PlatesPower Washer / Steam

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