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Automated Machined Component Assembly

Elevate your projects with the power of engineered machined component assemblies. These meticulously crafted units combine precision machined components into high performing, reliable solutions for a wide range of industries.

Components are machined and assembled to exact tolerances. Assembly brings together multiple machined components – gears, shafts, housings, fittings, o-rings and seals, and more – designed and manufactured to work in perfect unison.

Machined Assemblies have unmatched precision and performance: Our rigorous engineering and machining processes ensure each component meets the most demanding specifications. This translates to assemblies that function flawlessly, delivering consistent results even in the most challenging environments.

By optimizing component interaction and minimizing friction, engineered machined assemblies deliver efficiency and extended service life which offers superior reliability. This translates to reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, and ultimately, a higher return on the product.

From compact, intricate assemblies to large scale industrial units, our machining expertise encompasses a vast range of applications. Our engineering staff and program managers collaborate closely with you to design and build assemblies that perfectly match your specific needs and requirements, whether it be a press-fit assembly, welded assembly, glued assembly, riveted assembly, or any of the other varieties of processes we are competent in.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the machining process. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. Aerostar can offer support from initial design and prototyping, to high volume production machining, and meeting rigorous quality standards in testing.

Our adherence to ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 16949 reflect our unwavering commitment to superior product quality and robust quality management systems. Additionally, our facilities are equipped with high precision assembly lines and state of the art testing equipment, ensuring every assembled product meets our stringent standards and your exact specifications.

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