Custom Machined Forged Parts

Forging is a metalworking process that produces parts with strength much higher than other metalworking processes. When the metal piece is shaped during the forging process, the internal grain structure of the piece becomes continuous throughout the part, resulting in incredible strength and reliability at high points of stress. This leads to forged parts being used in many “cannot fail” applications, such aerospace, automotive, mining, chemical and more.

Aerostar works with trusted and reliable forging partners, partners whom we have built a strong relationship with over the decades. We are able to work with these partners to create the exact piece that you require, forged and machined to your specifications.


Carbon Steel Alloy Steel
Resulfurized Steel Micro-Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel Titanium
Nickel Aluminum


Aerospace Agriculture
Heavy Trucking Military
Mining Automotive
Petrochemical Food & Beverage
Power & Energy Marine
Medical Pharmaceutical