Aerostar Supports Major OEM with 20K/week International shipments

When considering manufacturing overseas, many companies immediately look to the cost of freight. 

With the Global Freight Index continuing to fall, costs of freight from neighboring countries increasing via the near-shoring methods many have employed, now may be the right time to take a second look at off-shore manufacturing.

Aerostar Manufacturing supplies a major OEM with 20k/week international shipments of components for fuel efficiency delivery in OEM engines via off-shore manufacturing.

Aerostar Off-Shore Manufacturing Advantages:

  • Re-sourced from China
  • Expedited development time in India
  • Cost Competitive

Global Manufacturing & Sourcing



Precision Machining



  • A network of 100+ Manufacturing Facilities (US & India)
  • Serving many Fortune 500 companies
  • CAT, Dana, Eaton, SKF, Anheuser Busch, Ball, Malibu, Onan, and many more