Low, Medium and High Volume Machining Production

At Aerostar Manufacturing, we embrace cutting-edge advancements in the realm of cutting tools, work holding and machine technology to craft exceptionally accurate parts. Coupling these precision outcomes with our highly skilled team, stringent process controls, and top-tier gaging tools, we achieve consistently repeatable results.

We vigilantly uphold process control measures such as routine inspections of our machinery to ensure their accuracy. The task of these crucial inspections is entrusted to both our highly skilled internal staff and accredited independent certification bodies. This unyielding dedication to maintaining excellence forms the bedrock of our success, especially when initiating new projects demanding the adherence to highly precise dimensions.

At Aerostar, we don’t just offer precision, we define it.

To bolster our commitment to precision and quality, Aerostar Manufacturing holds several industry-relevant ISO certifications. These include ISO 9001:2015, a globally recognized standard that signifies our robust quality management system. We also adhere to ISO/TS 16949, a technical specification specifically developed for the high level of product quality assurance in design, development, production, installation, and servicing in the automotive industry. These certifications stand as testament to our unswerving commitment to uphold the highest industry standards in Precision CNC Machining.

Examples of Aerostar’s Precision CNC Machining

This fuel pump housing includes several dimensions that are critical & have tight tolerancing:

  • Aerostar meets diametrical tolerances within 15 microns
  • We maintain perpendicularity of 30 microns or less on a drilled hole
  • Flatness of machined surfaces to 5 microns or less
  • Parallelism between machined surfaces to 25 microns or less
  • True position of drilled holes to datum structure to 50 microns or less

This Dual Interlock Coupling includes many critical dimensions & tight tolerancing:

  • Aerostar drills/reams hole diameters within 0.0015” tolerance
  • We maintain concentricity of inside groove radii to 0.002” or less
  • Maintains concentricity of hole diameters to 0.0015” or less
  • Our team maintains groove diameters within 0.0015” tolerance
  • Maintains distances between two machined surfaces within 0.001” of each other

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