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Precision and Quality: Expertise in Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Aerostar Manufacturing, we excel in providing top tier Sheet Metal Fabrication services, utilizing cutting edge technology to meet the most demanding industry standards. Our skilled team and state of the art equipment ensure precision and quality, making us your go to partner for all your sheet metal fabrication needs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

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Design & Material Selection

CAD designs are made, and the appropriate sheet metal is chosen.

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Cutting and Forming

Material is cut into desired shapes and then pieces are formed into their final shapes.

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Welding and Assembly

Separate pieces are welded together and assembled to form the final product

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Features such as, holes, slots, or threads are added using machining processes

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Finishing touches like grinding, sanding, or painting are applied to improve appearance and durability.

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Quality Control

Inspect the final product to ensure it meets all quality standards and specifications.

Industries & Applications

Automotive Industry:

For making various car components like body panels, frames, and engine parts.

Aerospace Industry:

Used in the manufacturing of aircraft components, including fuselages and engine casings.

Electronics Industry:

For creating enclosures, brackets, and other components.

Railway Industry:

In the production of train components and infrastructure.

Construction Industry:

For making structural elements like beams, roofing, and HVAC systems.


For manufacturing components like racks, enclosures, and antennas.

Energy Sector:

For manufacturing components used in power generation and distribution, such as solar panel frames.

Military and Defense:

In the production of various military hardware, including vehicle components and protective casings.


In the production of components for ships, submarines, and other marine equipment.

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