Tag: Finish Turning

  • Journal Machining for the Aerospace Industry

    Journal Machining for the Aerospace Industry

    Industry: AerospaceApplication(s): Machine ComponentsProcesses: Rough Turning, Rough Boring, Drilling, Finish Turning, Finish Counter-Boring, Parts Washing At Aerostar Manufacturing, our Journal Machining process – MT-KAM-8022, is a showcase of our commitment to precision, quality, and global manufacturing standards. Starting from the moment we receive the raw materials, through the multiple stages of machining, we employ stringent…

  • Bearing Housing Assembly

    Bearing Housing Assembly

    Industry(s): Automotive, Power Generation, Mining, Food & BeverageApplication(s): Machine ComponentsProcesses: Rough Turning, Rough Boring, Finish Turning, Finish Boring, Face Grooving, Deburring, Chamfering, Drilling, Parts Washing, CNC Machining Aerostar Manufacturing, a leader in the manufacturing sector, has meticulously streamlined its production process for bearing housing assemblies to uphold the highest quality standards. The components, crafted using…

  • Fan Hub Assembly

    Fan Hub Assembly

    Industry(s): Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Truck, Power Generation, MarineApplication(s): Engine ComponentsProcesses: Chamfering, CNC Machining, Deburring, CNC Milling, Rough Turning, Finish Turning, CNC Grinding, Parts Washing, Spot Drilling, Assembly & Testing At Aerostar Manufacturing, our fan hub assembly process stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the ISO-9001:2015 quality program. This intricate process starts with…