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  • Lift Eye Bracket Machining

    Lift Eye Bracket Machining

    Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Heavy Truck, Marine, IndustrialApplication(s): Hydraulic ComponentsProcesses: Cutting, CNC Milling, Forming, Tapping, Drilling, Boring, CNC Production Machining Through a relentless pursuit of process optimization and unwavering dedication to precision, Aerostar Manufacturing has implemented an efficient Lift Eye Bracket machining process that meets international quality standards as confirmed by our ISO certifications. This…

  • Oil Cooler Housing Assembly & Testing

    Oil Cooler Housing Assembly & Testing

    Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Truck, Marine, Industrial, Power GenerationApplication(s): Engine ComponentsProcesses: Assembly and Testing, Inspection, Stamping, Leak Testing Aerostar Manufacturing implemented meticulous receive inspections, precise assembly, and rigorous quality checks to successfully deliver high-quality Oil Cooling Housings to a valued client. By adhering to ISO-certified processes, conducting advanced leak testing, and carrying out comprehensive visual…

  • Cover Plate Machining

    Cover Plate Machining

    Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, IndustrialApplication(s): Engine ComponentsProcesses: Boring, Deburring, Surface Finishing, Parts Washing Aerostar Manufacturing successfully machined a critical cover plate from Non Ferrous material, implementing rigorous inspection and machining processes to ensure precision and quality. By adhering to ISO 9001:2015 certification standards and using cutting-edge machinery, Aerostar consistently met customer requirements, demonstrating their commitment to…