Tag: quality control and inspection

  • Transmission Mount Trunnion

    Transmission Mount Trunnion

    Industry(s): Aerospace, Automotive, MarineApplication(s): Transmission Systems, Engine Mounts, Structural ComponentsProcesses: Supply Chain Management, Inspection Services Aerostar Manufacturing, situated in Romulus, MI, prides itself on an unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency. In 2018, we undertook a project to manufacture specialized trunnion parts for transmission mounts. These components are critical in high-performance marine applications. Inspection Services…

  • Fan Support Machining

    Fan Support Machining

    Industry(s): Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy TruckApplication(s): Engine Components, Vehicle HVAC Systems, Cooling SystemsProcesses: CNC Machining, Quality Control and Inspection, Packaging & Logistics Aerostar Manufacturing, based in Romulus, MI, specializes in producing high-quality fan support components, adhering to rigorous quality control measures throughout the component’s lifecycle. Utilizing an intricate process and inspection flowchart, the company employs a…