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  • Cover Plate Machining

    Cover Plate Machining

    Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, IndustrialApplication(s): Engine ComponentsProcesses: Boring, Deburring, Surface Finishing, Parts Washing Aerostar Manufacturing successfully machined a critical cover plate from Non Ferrous material, implementing rigorous inspection and machining processes to ensure precision and quality. By adhering to ISO 9001:2015 certification standards and using cutting-edge machinery, Aerostar consistently met customer requirements, demonstrating their commitment to…

  • Gear Cover Brace

    Gear Cover Brace

    Industry(s): Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Heavy Truck, Marine, MiningApplication(s): Engine ComponentsProcesses: Roughing, Surface Finishing, Drilling, Chamfering, Tapping, Deburring Aerostar Manufacturing successfully employed a rigorous and ISO-certified Gear Cover Brace machining process, starting from careful material procurement to delivering immaculate components to its clients. The process is integral to various applications such as gear assembly, machine tool…

  • Air Intake Connection Assembly

    Air Intake Connection Assembly

    Industry(s): Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Heavy Truck, Marine, Power GenerationApplication(s): Engine ComponentsProcesses: Chamfering, Deburring, Sanding, Die Grinding, Surface Finishing, Parts Washing, Leak Testing At Aerostar Manufacturing, we’ve developed an advanced air intake connection assembly procedure, emphasizing impeccable quality and precision as marked by our ISO 9001-2015 certification. Our method starts with an intensive visual inspection, followed…